The sunshine state: Florida , Part 1-Orlando

Hello guys! I’ve been inactive for so long that makes me sad.  Sorry for being lethargic, And now I’ve decided to maintain this blog, update you all about my travels and lifestyle! 😊 So follow me so that you get a notification when I make a new blogpost!

So, last December , that is 2017, onset of Winter  in Pennsylvania, I was overwhelmed with the drastic fall in temperatures. Since it was my first winter in the States, it became increasingly difficult for me to cope with the cold. It was the second coldest winter America has seen till date. So you can imagine!

Meanwhile, Tanmay surprised me with a trip to the sunshine state- Florida for my birthday! You can imagine my extent of joy! 💃 Plus when you’re in the US , and you hear about people holidaying in Florida, surfing the beaches, numerous Instagram posts featuring beach scapes, skintan, bikini clad women enjoying the sun, that it makes an average Indian woman wishing to see what all the yoohaa for this place is about..I love beaches, if nothing , i knew I wasn’t gonna be disappointed with that!

Oh i forgot the main attraction it has in Orlando- The Universal Studios! I always had it in mind to make it to at least one of the Universal studios.

So, last minute tickets booked( making us rethink the trip based on the expenses) from Philly to Orlando international airport. After reaching there amidst the excitement , we picked up our rented car that we booked earlier from and drove to our hotel. We always as a couple believe in minimizing our expenditure on the hotel stay, choosing a descent one over luxurious one and utilizing that expense in exploring a new place. Makes sense right ? If you’re just gonna spend the night at the hotel and are gonna be out for the entire day, there’s no point choosing an expensive stay. Just my advice! 🤭

We had chosen a hotel close to the Universal Studios, and had planned a two day stay in Orlando. So we woke up the next morning, got ready and reached Universal Studios. I still remember how excited we were. So there are three areas to the Universal Studios exploration ! The Universal Studios, the Adventure Island and The volcano Bay! We skipped the Volcano Bay as we had to cover all in one day so we prioritized .

Tip: Download the official app for Universal Studios. It’s of great help, gives you the map of the entire area, info on restaurants and restrooms, the wait time on rides, so that way you can prioritize your rides.

We were significantly interested in the 3D rides: the Mummy, The Transformer, The kong, Spiderman, Harry Potter ride and few more.

Here are few of the pictures from the day inside the magical world of Harry Potter:


73548E1B-2603-47C1-ADD7-CA60688F2CDETrust me you’d feel like you’re roaming inside the movie.. they’ve replicated it to such a great extent, you’d get goosebumps. A must visit for ardent Harry Potter fans.

Next am going to share a few pictures from the rest of the Universal Studios and adventure island. For me it was like Harry Potter stole the show. 😎


Hope you all liked the pictures, our next day visit is to Sea World, Orlando, which I’d be posting in my Orlando Part 2 blogpost.

Thanks for reading guys.

Come #Travelthroughmyeyes

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