Sunday movie date!

After days of brooding inside , courtesy: winter in Pennsylvania, I finally moved out anticipating a sunny day, and voila! The sun was smiling so harsh, I almost got natural highlighter on my face in most of the photos 😂.

Anyway, we had some work with the tax advisor, then we drove to the nearest theatre to our place, the Regal Cinemas, Warrington! We watched “red sparrow “ and on our way back home I clicked a few pictures, since I hadn’t clicked for days! 😂🤣

The boots I’m wearing are from Ralph Lauren, a gift from my husband on birthday, well ,his birthday .🙈😂 I’m also wearing a sweater that I bought from Burlington and the jeggings I’m wearing are from India.

Here are the pictures..

p.s Don’t forget to admire our sexy beast .. out Red Mustang 😉.

I’ll be back with more posts, and promise to maintain this blog. Show some love . Thank you all.




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