Origin Skincare for Influenster

I got to try these products as a part of Influenster contest. And boy did I say how amazed I was!?

People with oily skin like me would spend all their lives searching for a moisturizer that won’t be greasy, won’t make their face look more oily and most importantly keep the skin hydrated and prevent from drying. This matte pink water cream moisturizer with willowherb extracts is a boon for me and smells divine. just one pinch and your skin feels so hydrated and soft. The dry patches are instantly sorted. Me and my husband have started using this like everytime!!! This is your must buy! Too happy with it. It doesn’t even make you think twice before you buy!


This Origins serum makes the skin feel so smooth and soft after application. Gives you a glow you can’t resist. A definite buy for all of you out there. Also got to try the retexturizing Rose clay mask from Origin that gives a new dimension to the beauty of your skin. So soft and happy skin! Apply the serum after using the mask and you’ll see a new you! Can’t get enough of these origins products. Thank you Influenster for introducing this brand to me. Its a wonder for all skincare lovers!

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