Bring back the vintage in you!

Hello all you amazing Readers!😍

Ok , let’s face it . Starting from movies , music , beauty , lifestyle to fashion, everything is steadily bringing back the old charm! The “oh so inventive and original” ideas are being replicated . They’re being revived with a twist in almost every category you can think of!

As my favorite area of interest is fashion, let me show you how that era explored itself in it..


Now you get it, am talking about the Polka dots! After all it has been a polka dot world ever since! Bless the soul or soulssssss who introduced us to the polka dots world. Just imagine how those simple tiny or bigger, any sized dots can infact make a dress, palazzo, blouse, shirt, scarf…you name it ..look cute, smart, chic, fashionable and classy! Be it a summer dress, an evening wear or a formal outfit, polka dots ruled!

Polka dotted dresses have been my favorite ever since I used to ride a tri cycle and made sand castles! It’s an unforgettable childhood memory of every girl! Isn’t it?

When you think of polka dots, the first thing that comes to your mind is summer! Bright sunny, breezy summer, tulips swaying back and forth in the field and in that I’d see myself standing in a fluttering dress with polka dots in it. 🙈😜That’s my vintage fantasy of polka dots. Boy, when would I stop Day dreaming! 😂

That brings me to the purpose of this post. This summer, why not revive the vintage in ourselves ? Bring out your old dresses, pants, high waisted swimsuits, belted jeans, wide bottomed pants , bell sleeved blouses, head bands , scarves and see the charm that still reflects in them! Never throw away your old wardrobe ladies. After a few years you’re just going to pay the double to get one of those again.😬 Vintage can never go wrong! It’ll still be priceless. It’ll still be classy! And it’ll still be worth every penny!

I thought why not bring back the vintage in me with a polka dot dress this summer as you can clearly see my obsession with it! 🤭

The electric blue waters of Belgrade lakes played a perfect background in enhancing the Jade green shade of the dress. Say no more✋🏻 I have the pictures ready for you to look at right below 👇🏻



I love the fact that it looks vintage, impeccably stylish and I can twirl in it. 💃🏻




I hope I made a point, I hope you’ll get inspired and bring out the vintage in you! Old is gold, they say, Too old a saying, but gold isn’t it? 😜

Happy Reading! 😊

Pictures Courtesy: Tanmay Mahapatra

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