Banarasi Sarees: A Royal Affair…

Hola! How have you’ll been? Wish you all a very power packed Women’s Day !🌸

Well, I’m definitely going to make up for MIA by sharing my new venture with you all.😁

It’s no news that I’ve always been inclined to fashion and fashion Inspirations apart from travel and lifestyle of course, and have loved being a self proclaimed fashion inspiration even more 😁. So ,I thought of expressing my never ending and NOT new-found love for the heritage and culture of India through my posts out loud. And if it interests and fascinates you, you can continue reading it, or close this page right now. I really wouldn’t mind. 😉

It’s amazing to witness how the love of our ethnic ensembles like the saree has taken supremacy over women’s lifestyle , fashion and career choices all over the world . While I was busy shopping for my wedding trousseau , my mother used to remark “why are you filling your wardrobe with sarees that you’re never going to wear after you move overseas?” , and I had only one answer “ I’m going to wear it wherever I go”.☺️

Suddenly the world has woken up and acknowledged Saree as a dignified and elegant drape . I think we owe it to most of the B town celebrities. I’m not complaining, in fact to me it’s a happy beginning! Being a woman with contemporary fashion choices , I’m always on the lookout for eclectic clothes, some that can be passed on to my next generations, some that look and feel good, some that would be a part of my heirloom , some that would inspire, and some that would be a part of my cherished memories. And one such craft that has my heart is a traditionally woven Banarasi drape.

Banarasis or Banarasees have been a part of women’s wedding trousseau for many years. It’s elegance , grace, and grandeur is not unnoticeable. I’m awestruck with it’s beauty and each time I wear it, I feel like a queen of my own world.  A traditionally woven Banarasi saree takes days of hard work to be made, that’s why they’re more on the expensive side and are a luxury to most of us. Its fine design and opulent embroidery on silk has attracted people all over the world. I’ll talk more about the different weaving styles in my upcoming blogs.

It’s tough to count the sleepless nights I’ve had trying to find an impressive and striking delineation of a Banarasi weave. And I’ve been lucky to find not just one, but quite a few.

This wine colored saree that I’m wearing today is from Neerus’s and is sheer gorgeousness in a drape. It has an old world charm and panache to it. I’ve always preferred lightweight drapes but Banarasi weaves normally weigh more because of their fine, intricate work on silk. Of course, now I don’t mind draping heavier sarees than the rest of my collection, if they bring out such a regal and royal look and feel. You can choose this sensational saree for weddings , parties or similar events.

Source: Neeru’s India. Click on the link below to buy.

Neeru’s Banarasi saree

Fashion Trends shall pass, but this shall remain. #SareeConstance .🙏🌸

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Picture Credits: ©️tmohpatra

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