It’s a bright sunny day..

Every time my husband tells me, “Go get ready, we need to leave in 15 mins”, I form a mental picture of my wardrobe. No matter how many clothes women possess, we always feel we have nothing appropriate to wear for the occasion.

So I need to work really fast and decide what to wear real quick. Oh forget the make up! I never got enough time to do that. Hats off to those ladies who can pull off great looks in less time, and yeah, their patience too!

So , this weekend we went out for a drive, and Mr Husband gives me a 10 min notice. And, I picked up the age old combination which never goes wrong. Denim shorts paired with white. Dabbed some lip color , smudged some kohl , grabbed my shades and yeah , finally we hit the roads . I love long drives on sunny days. Appreciating nature in its full colors ( summer here, in the States) is blissful.

So, this look is for women like me, who are more of comfort and style than being brand-o-holic. And who like wearing stuff in which they can be free enough to jump around.









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